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Our website is run and operated by Ideas & Innovations Limited Company (Referred to our/we/us). As a website user you are (termed as you/your) would here by would like to give your consent or acknowledge that any activity you carried out , i.e. using website , submitting or giving your personal information to us in any form either via email, fax, telephone, any online form or by postage, using any of the contents of website, publishing and placing any kind of advertisements, offering any product and services, making any transactions, buying and selling any product(Products), using or clicking any of the hyper-linked portions in website or in simple words any activity you carried out once you browse our website for any purpose(Purposes), you as a user(Visitor/Customer) are completely abide by the rules and regulation specified in terms and conditions section of ours.

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Before we proceed further with anything or any activity you carry our in our website please make sure you must read the privacy policy and Cookies Policy as with new EU’s GDPR rule we must need to have your written consent send to us via email before you submit any information to us. Please refer to our Privacy policy and Cookies Policy Pages;

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Abiding terms and conditions, all the users agree that they will not;

Users will not breach/break/defy/violate countries law. Any activity which is strictly prohibited and which is not allowed by the law will not be permitted (in/via/with/from/to) our website.

Users will not breach/break/defy/violate the submission/posting of your data in any section (Sections) of our website.

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Users will not spread Bug/Virus or any other False Program which will harm whatabargainshop.co.uk , its contents or any contents of our users.

Users will keep in mind the Copyright law, Intellectual property law and will not Copy, Reproduce, Modify or Distribute the contents/property/products of any other person (Persons) or ours website without their written consent (permission) or any other form of authority.

Users will not make False or Proxy publish of any other party/Parties which affects the reputation of person or organisation.

Users will not Copy or Reproduce any of the Photos, Images, Trademarks of our users from our website. They will be subject to copyright and Intellectual property and are regulated by copyright laws and international treaties.

Users will not spread the Misleading Rumours either in verbal or in written form or using any other form of media (Including mobile devices) which will affect the reputation of our website and company, if found and proven will be dealt with the country’s law.

Publish/submission of information:

All the users who use the various attributes (Facilities) of whatabargainshop.co.uk are solely and fully responsible for all the data and information (personal or professional) they provide or publish or submit in our website as well as any outcomes or consequences that might arise because of it. whatabargainshop.co.uk is in any means not responsible or liable for any of the data and information you submit or any consequences it may arise because of it.

Keeping in mind the various terms and conditions we have mentioned above in our T&C section, if we find any violation or breach of those terms will be dealt very seriously. It might result in restricting the access of users in our website temporarily or permanently or may result to legal action.

Thus it is compulsory for all the users to submit the details with contact details while submitting any of the details in any section of our website.


Users are most welcome to use our free and paid advertisement facility. Advertisement (Advertise with us) section is solely created with the intention of helping the people (peoples), individual, Business (Businesses), corporate house, Industries, any other profitable and non-profitable organisations so that they can provide their goods and services, products or any other services to the various concern aspects in society.

When users submit their advert materials to us, we will check and verify before it get published, including photos and images. If your advert materials fulfils the parameters mentioned in our Terms and conditions , we will go ahead and publish it.

While submitting or publishing the advertisement (Ads) users are expected to keep following factors in mind;

It is a genuine and authentic advertisement

Users will not submit/post any of the false and misleading advertisement.

Users will not submit/post any abusive, indecent, obscene or any threatening contents/materials/pictures in advertisement segment.

Any advertisement which will directly or indirectly affect or target any sentiments of society i.e. Race, Gender, Culture, Religion, background will not be published in our website. If found published in free advertisement segment, will be deleted immediately and will be strictly dealt as the country’s law.

Users sending the materials for the advertisement contents are the concern authorised person or concern person of an organisation (Organisations).

Users can submit their advertisement  via our email.

If it’s an advertisement for company, Organisation, business , corporate house or any other profitable and non-profitable organisation, we will need to ask you various information like name, contact details, company registration, a consent letter requesting advertise with us.

We have set and specific section in website where user can publish or place advertisements. We also have certain and fix size of advertisement space and columns, users can choose any of them as per their requirement. The charge for placing advertisement will varies according to the place where it appears, size of the advertisement and the duration of advertisement.

After publishing the advertisement if your advert is challenged by any of the users on various backgrounds will be discussed with you and will be decided about its continuity after we discuss. We have full discretion/authority to take the advertisement off from website. We are not liable or responsible for any loss incur to any third party (parties) due to advertisements published.

Amazon & Ebay Affiliates:

Oxford Shop and Shopping in Oxfordshire has various products of Amazon.co.uk and ebay.co.uk are displayed. As we are an affiliate associate of Amazon and ebay, we display various products from Amazon, UK and ebay, uk. All the contents of products from Amazon and Ebay are displayed in our website through special plugin. In short we are just an medium who are displaying the products from Amazon and Ebay. Buyers can buy the products from our shop however all the activities are done through Amazon page and Ebay page. Once buyer choose the product, move it to shopping cart or basket, for the final checkout and payment, it will divert the buyer to the Amazon and Ebay page. That means buyers will make payment to Amazon and third party supplier of Amazon(IF ANY) or Ebay and third party supplier of Ebay. We as an affiliate only receive the certain commission only after the successful completion of transaction between buyer and Amazon. Thus we are not responsible for any transaction error or dispute arises in due course of transaction or after. 


There are certain segments in our websites which requires the users to create account or sign up membership. It is advisable to all the users with account with us to keep confidentiality of their personal information of our website like, Password, any other hints which if any user finds might get access to your account thus resulting in loss to you. We are not responsible for any loss which might incur to you because of your confidentiality known to others. In that circumstance we advise you to change your personal information in account setting. In extreme cases if you are not able to amend or update your information, please contact us in person so that we can resolve the issue.

Comments, Star rating, Reviews:

All our users are free to write comments, write reviews and give star ratings however it is strictly advisable to all the user not to make any sorts of illegal, abusive, indecent, threatening, or any other kind of objectionable comment which will affect reputation and sentiments of an individual and organisation. Any loss or damage incurs to an individual or organisation will have to be borne by the user who breach or violate the law by making those comments.


Any payment user wants to make to us for advertising services has to be made in Pound Sterling. Users have  to make payment to us via bank transfer or bank deposit.

All our online payment using bank cards are controlled and regulated by Secured PayPal System which is highly secure in its approach. Since we take utmost care of user’s personal information, we never hold or save any bank details of our users.


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